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Brent Turvey, PhD



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Since 1996, Brent Turvey, PhD has performed casework as a Forensic Scientist, Crime Scene Analyst, Crime Reconstructionist, Forensic Criminologist, and /or Criminal Profiler for law enforcement agencies (police and prosecutors), attorney clients, and private entities all over the world. This includes consultations, forensic assessments, and expert testimony on both criminal and civil matters. These cases tend to involve sexual assault, false allegations, shooting incident reconstructions, serial rapes and homicides, mass homicides (3+ victims), sexual homicides, domestic homicides, staged crime scenes, and other violent crimes. He is also the Author / Co-Author of more than 20 peer reviewed textbooks on these and related subjects.

Dr. Turvey has also maintained a caseload of femicides (e.g., sexual homicides, gender motivated domestic homicides), pre-femicidal violence, trafficking, and human rights cases in Latin America. Many of these are related to drug trafficking and human trafficking. This involves the implementation of the UN Model Protocol for Femicide Investigation in Latin America, with The Forensic Criminology Institute’s Behavioral Science Lab (BSL). In operation since 2019, the BSL has collaborated with United States Agency for International Development (USAID), JAVA (Mex), The United Nations, Behavioral Analysts with The Costa Rican Supreme Court, and The Attorney Generals Office in Bogota DC, providing support and training to attorneys and investigators. 

As a function of casework and research, Dr. Turvey has served as a trial consultant, and has qualified in court as an expert witness, in courts across The United States and in Latin America, as a forensic scientist and criminologist.

He is also the author or co-author of more than 20 textbooks on these and related subjects.



He is also the author of multiple peer reviewed textbooks on subjects relating to criminal profiling, forensic criminology, crime reconstruction, forensic victimology, forensic science, criminal investigation, ethics, miscarriages of justice, and law enforcement culture.

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