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SMP Associates

2222 Derby Street
Berkeley, CA  94705
510-486-1911 Fax

Stephen M. Pittel, PhD, Forensic Consultant & Expert Witness

Dr. Pittel is a forensic psychologist who specializes in both civil and criminal cases that involve the effects of drugs and alcohol. His forensic work is based on a thirty year career as a pioneer in the field of substance abuse research and treatment. As the Director of the NIMH funded Haight-Ashbury Research Project in the mid-1960’s and the founder and Director of the Berkeley Center for Drug Studies from 1972 to 1985, he has published more than 150 scientific papers and reports on the causes, patterns of use, and effects of LSD and related hallucinogenic drugs, marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, PCP, alcohol and other sedative-hypnotic drugs.

Dr. Pittel has worked directly with the treatment of substance abusers as the Director of a multi-modality treatment program in San Rafael, CA and as the Principal Investigator and Director of a NIDA funded clinical demonstration research project on the aftercare needs and community rehabilitation of drug abusers. The Drug Abuse Treatment Referral System he developed in 1970 is still considered to be the most effective technique in use for determining the most appropriate treatment for substance abusing clients. It has been used to assess the treatment needs of drug abusers by federally funded Treatment Alternative to Street Drug (TASC) Programs, the California Youth Authority and by state, county and local drug treatment and diversion programs in more than 30 states.

Dr. Pittel has been a consultant to the White House Office of Drug Abuse Policy, The National Institute on Drug Abuse, the State Department Bureau of International Narcotic Matters, and many other federal, state and local substance abuse treatment programs and agencies. He has worked with Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice System programs to develop and evaluate prison based substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation and drug diversion programs in California, Oregon, Delaware, and Massachusetts and in more than 200 public and private treatment programs and delivery systems throughout the country.

Dr. Pittel has also worked with the State Department Bureau of International Narcotic Matters, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Programs to develop drug abuse treatment delivery systems in Pakistan, Malaysia, and to train indigenous substance abuse providers in many other countries.

Dr. Pittel maintains a database of more than 9000 references on the effects of illicit drugs and other psychoactive drugs including anti-depressant, anti-psychotic and other prescribed medications. He has also maintains bibliographies on childhood and adolescent risk factors for adult substance, cognitive and other mental impairment associated with both acute and chronic substance abuse and on toxicological and other methods of identifying drug use and intoxication.

Dr. Pittel has been qualified as an expert witness on the effects of substance use and abuse, in general, and on its relation to driving ability, violence, mental states and related matters. He has testified approximately 150 times in both civil and criminal cases in Superior Courts in California and other States, and in Federal District and Military Courts throughout the country.

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