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Drug & Alcohol Resource

Welcome to the Drug & Alcohol resource site, sponsored jointly by Forensic Solutions and SMP Associates. In terms of assessing and understanding the circumstances of human behavior, the potential effects of drugs and alcohol are all too often ignored by experienced investigators, forensic scientists, and mental health professionals alike.

In our endeavor to be more holistic in our approach to the understanding of human behavior in its context, we further observe that these influences are all but ignored in the published literature that relates to criminal profiling. In our beginning efforts to address this issue, we have designed this resource to answer your questions about drugs and alcohol, and related mental state issues, as they apply to forensic cases - no matter what profession you are in, or what field of study you have undertaken.

We are pleased to have Stephen M. Pittel, PhD of SMP Associates available to answer your questions in our web-based discussion forum or via private email. Dr. Pittel is a forensic psychologist who specializes in both civil and criminal cases that involve the effects of drugs and alcohol.

Please feel free to join the discussion forum to post public questions. You may also email Dr. Pittel directly with questions or case consultation requests at

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You will have a choice of registering for the forum or having guest access. Registering allows you to read and post messages and to personalize some preferences if you will be returning to the forum at a later date. Guest access will allow you to read and post messages.

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Updated 1/27/07