FBI points to serial killer in 4 cases

Women were found dead inold oil field

By Associated Press
Published 09-30-1993

HOUSTON - FBI agents said Wednesday that they believe a methodical, intelligent serial killer murdered four women whose bodies were found in an abandoned oil field between 1984 and 1991.

The FBI compiled a psychological profile of the possible killer after reviewing the cases at the request of authorities in League City, where the killings occurred.

"There is one offender. He's an organized, intelligent type," said David Gomez, an FBI supervisory special agent from Quantico, Va. " He's very focused, very organized. He's looking for a very particular type of victim."

The slayings occurred over a period of several years, and the last victim was discovered two years ago this month. All were found in the same area of a pasture off a rutted stretch of Calder Road.

Police said one victim was shot, but they wouldn't comment on the other causes of death.

Local investigators have long believed a serial killer was responsible, but they have made no arrests. They enlisted the help of FBI agents from Quantico who came to Houston this week to work with several area law enforcement agencies on various homicide cases.

"Based on what we do see at the crime scene, we can say these were probably sexually motivated crimes," Agent Gomez said, adding that there usually is some sexual motivation in serial killings.

League City police have said they could not determine whether the women were sexually assaulted because their bodies were badly decomposed.

Two victims have not been identified, but the other two, ages 16 and 25, lived in League City, a suburb between Houston and Galveston. The first victim was found in April 1984 and the last in September 1991.

All were white women with brownish-colored hair. Their nude bodies were lying face up in the field.

Agent Gomez said the killer probably is a white male. He also said it does not appear the slayings are related to others around the nation, although the cases will be analyzed to make sure there aren't any links.

League City Sgt. Pat Bittner said Wednesday that police were able to narrow their list of possible suspects with the FBI's information. He would not provide numbers.

"The suspects include League City residents. The suspects include people who live around League City - it won't be much beyond the area, " he said.

One of the more important links, Agent Gomez said, was the pasture, which now is used for horseback riding and picnicking.

"The location of the dump site is significant to us," he said. "This is an area that the offender feels comfortable with."

Sgt. Bittner said the killer probably has returned to the field on occasion to relive the slayings or possibly out of curiosity.

But Agent Gomez and Sgt. Bittner said they don't know exactly why some slayings occurred years apart or what sets off the killer.

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