By Pat Gordon / Fort Worth Bureau of The News
Published 10-04-1985

FORT WORTH -- On the night 18-year-old Ginger Hayden was stabbed to death, she probably opened her apartment door to a man she knew and in doing so invited her killer inside.

That is one of several conclusions reached in an FBI profile given to Fort Worth detectives on the Sept. 5, 1984, slaying of Miss Hayden, the first of 11 slain or missing women who became the focus of a continuing police task force search for clues.

Miss Hayden was found by her mother stabbed 56 times in an apartment the two shared on the west side of Fort Worth.

The FBI profile also concluded:

*The killer is a 17- to 24-year-old man.

*He had been in her apartment before and entered the night of the killing with her consent.

*He has an explosive temper.

Lt. Vernon Farris, head of major cases, said other information contained in the profile could not be released because it might damage police investigation of the slaying. Detectives have a suspect, he said, but lack evidence to file charges against the man.

"The profile coincides with the suspect, but we can't prove he did it,' Farris said.

The department received the FBI's 10-page report Sept. 26, and detectives have carefully evaluated it, Farris said.

"It's an investigative tool,' he said. "We see it as nothing but beneficial.'

Earlier this week, detectives received an FBI profile on Catherine Davis' killer. The details of that profile will be released after detectives finish their evaluations, Farris said.

There are no similarities between Miss Hayden's and Miss Davis' killer, according to the FBI profiles, a conclusion consistent with findings of the task force, he said.

"We've said all along that there was more than one killer,' Farris said.

Miss Davis, 23, was reported missing Sept. 28, 1984. Her body was found Jan. 23 in a field in southwest Fort Worth. She had apparently been strangled.

Fort Worth police requested FBI profiles on the slain women's killers last spring. In June, special agents from Washington, D.C., spent a week reviewing the cases with Fort Worth detectives. The agents gathered information about the victims' lives and crime scenes in order to determine the type of persons who might have killed them.

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Pat Gordon / Fort Worth Bureau of The News, FW POLICE RELEASE PROFILE OF KILLER., 10-04-1985, pp 26a.