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The Criminal Profiling Archives
This section of our website is dedicated to the storage and public dissemination of information regarding the criminal profiling process as it applies to criminal investigation and the legal system.

Forensic Solutions Library 
A library of articles by Det. John J. Baeza (ret.), Eoghan Casey, MA,
Stephen M. Pittel, PhD, and Brent E. Turvey, MS.

Sample articles:
Deductive Criminal Profiling
Internet Misuse in the Workplace: A Lawyer's Primer
Sadistic Behavior: A Literature Review

Forensic Science Bookstore 
Your complete guide to the essential forensic science reference materials, and a convenient way to purchase them for your library.

Digital Evidence Resources Science Bookstore
Books, courses, online discussions, and other resources related to evidence stored on and transmitted using computers.

Drug & Alcohol Resource
We have designed this resource to answer your questions about drugs and alcohol, and related mental state issues as they apply to forensic cases.

Premises Liability
This site is dedicated to building a public resource on matters directly related to Premises Liability as it coincides with sexual assault.


Careers in the
Forensic Sciences FAQ

This is a guide to a variety of free resources that will help you to learn more about a Career in the Forensic Sciences.

Computer & Internet Crime FAQ
Learn more about tracking criminals on the Internet, collecting digital evidence, and protecting your privacy on the Internet.

Criminal Profiling as a Career FAQ
Do you have questions about Criminal Profiling or Forensic Psychology? What you learn may surprise you.

General Information FAQ
Learn more about Forensic Solutions and this website

Student Handbook & FAQ
Learn more about the Forensic Solutions Campus

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Explore our online forensic and investigative courses.

Recommended Forensic Science Resources
(outside of this website)

Forensic Science

Academy of Behavioral Profiling
The Academy of Behavioral Profiling is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the application of evidence based criminal profiling techniques within investigative and legal venues.

Court TV Forensics

Court TV Forensics in the Classroom

Forensic Analytical
The Forensic Science Division of Forensic Analytical specializes in the analysis, identification, and interpretation of physical evidence.

Journal of Behavioral Profiling
This journal includes editorials, technical / case reports, and research articles regarding evidence based behavioral profiling.

Kim Kruglick's Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search Site

Reddy's Forensic Home Page

Zeno's Forensic Page

Without Conscience
The web-site of Dr. Robert Hare, author of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, and the textbook Without Conscience


Dental & Nursing Continuing Education - Scripps
Scripps Educational Services has been providing quality home-study courses for Continuing Education credit since 1985

Distance Learning Directory of Schools


Rape Investigation Handbook
Criminal Profiling, 2nd Ed.
Career Guide to Criminal Profiling
Journal of Behavioral Profiling

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