Another Resignation
by Steve Will, KCAW - Raven Radio, Sitka, AK

There has been another resignation in the Sitka Police Department. Sgt. Tim Martin resigned today effective today, according to Police Chief Bob Gorder.

Gorder says Martin's resignation was for personal reasons. He says Martin told him of his intention Monday. Gorder tried to talk him into staying, and suggested Martin sleep on it. Today Martin remained set on resigning.

Gorder says Martins resignation has no bearing on the Trooper investigation into the department. Raven news was unable to reach Martin for comment.

Martin is among the personnel named in recent allegations of wrong-doing in the [Sitka] Police Department.

The department's been the focus of controversy in recent weeks. The events include the dismissal of then Lieutenant John Baeza, allegations from Baeza and private investigator Brent Turvey of wrong-doing in the department, the resignation of police Chief Bill McLendon, a [Alaska State] Trooper investigation into the department, and McLendon's placement on administrative leave until his resignation takes effect later this month.

The Sitka Assembly tonight is scheduled to consider whether it wants to launch its own investigation into the police department. The Assembly's special meeting begins at 7p.m. and Raven Radio will broadcast the meeting live.

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Cite: Will, S. Raven News - Transcript of broadcast, KCAW - Raven Radio, Sitka, Tuesday, February 5, 2002