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September 24, 1999 - Important Announcement:

We regret to announce that Profiling-L, the criminal profiling discussion list sponsored by Knowledge Solutions, is now closed to the public, after nearly a year and a half of operation. We will be donating our time, services, and resources that we were spending on Profiling-L, to where we feel there will be a better use for them, including the continued discussion of evidence based criminal profiling in a professional setting through the Academy of Behavioral Profiling.

We are very disappointed that we will no longer be able to offer the list to the public, as we really wanted to have a criminal profiling discussion list that everyone could participate in and benefit from. For a time that happened. But due to the amount of off-topic posts and the unprofessional conduct of some listmembers, it had reached the point that those with professional interests and questions were no longer posting.

Knowledge Solutions founded and maintained the publicly available Profiling-L Discussion List in the hopes of providing a good forum for the debate of issues related to criminal profiling. There was no other forum at the time in which criminal profiling could be openly discussed. We felt that the list served that need at first. As issues arose, we did our best to keep it on track and on task. However, for quite some time now, we have felt that it has been for the most part not on track and not on task, and that many list members were blatantly ignoring the list guidelines (see below) in spite of our best efforts. Many list members felt this way as well and wrote us expressing their concerns.

We thought very long and very hard and sought a lot of input before coming to this decision. We considered various forms of list management and moderation. Knowledge Solutions ultimately decided to donate our list resources to the newly formed non-profit Academy of Behavioral Profiling, as that is where we see the criminal profiling discussion list best fitting its originally intended purposes.

To avoid confusion, we would like to clarify that or any other lists that pick up the name "profiling-l," are not sponsored by Knowledge Solutions and are not merely a continuation of Profiling-L, the Criminal Profiling Discussion List, which was sponsored by Knowledge Solutions, but are completely separate lists.

We truly wish anybody luck with any new discussion lists on the topic of criminal profiling. We would hope that they meet their intended purposes, and that the membership is able to largely abide by the list guidelines.

Knowledge Solutions will continue to offer a variety of free resources, related to criminal profiling and the forensic sciences, as well as continuing to offer online training in the forensic sciences through the Knowledge Solutions Campus. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Welcome to the Profiling-L Discussion List,
sponsored by Knowledge Solutions LLC

The purpose of this list is to provide an open forum for anyone who has an interest in discussing methods, standards, practices, and issues related to any part of the Criminal Profiling process. Discussions are geared towards the investigative and courtroom aspects of understanding crime scene behavior of both victim and offender. Please note that discussions do not revolve around issues that purely involve offender diagnosis and treatment. Those sorts of clinical topics are already covered by another discussion list, for which subscription information is provided below. However, Profiling-L is a multi-disciplinary forum and open to those involved in treatment who wish to discuss investigative as opposed to purely clinical/ diagnostic aspects. It is a forum that encourages debate, idea sharing, information sharing, and awareness by, for, and across the professional disciplines that impact the criminal profiling process.

Topic examples include (by no means the final word on what can be discussed; just a sampler):

  • Techniques & strategy for investigating serial crime (robbery, arson, rape, homicide, etc.)
  • Victimology & Psychological Autopsy- Profiling in the courtroom: statistical analysis v. interpreting behavioral evidence
  • The relationship between physical evidence & criminal profiling
  • Written profiles v. verbal profiles- Education & Training
  • Developing standards & practices
  • The influence of the media & popular culture on the profiling process & public perception
  • Databasing, etc., etc.

Those who are interested in idea and information sharing and advancing the profession of criminal profiling (or learning from those who are), should participate in Profiling-L. Those who aren't interested, should not. This is a professional list in nature, populated by professionals, future professionals, and interested citizenry. It is not a place for egos, posturing, and the bad blood that comes from both. Please keep discussion civil and constructive, and take heated discussions and non-constructive comments off the list. Unprofessional behavior, such as extreme profanity or personal attacks, is not tolerated in any form and will result in the subscriber’s posting privileges being revoked by the list admin. Having participated in many other mailing lists, we have noticed that not everybody has the same definition of “constructive” criticism. We ask all subscribers to be aware of the nature of text-based email, which is not very conducive to conveying emotional intent or body language of the message sender. Please assume that any message posted to the list was posted in good faith, even if it *seems* to be in a negative tone. Doing so will allow you to develop a “thick skin” and to not take criticism personally.

The list admin for Profiling-L is:

Barbara Troyer-Turvey <>

Please feel free to contact Barb with questions regarding the functions of Profiling-L, or if you experience any problems with the server. If you have ANY problems related to the Profiling-L discussion list, *please* do not post them to the list. The list admin is at your disposal for this very purpose; please avail yourself of the resource.


The moderator for Profiling-L is:

Brent E. Turvey <>

Profiling-L is moderated by Brent, as far as directing discussion and suggesting topics. However, the discussions are generally left to ebb and flow of their own accord, as long as they follow the above guidelines.

Remember, if you have ANY problems related to the Profiling-L discussion list, *please* do not post them to the list. The list admin is at your disposal for this very purpose; please avail yourself of the resource:

Barbara Troyer-Turvey <>

Once again, welcome to the Profiling-L Discussion List.

- Knowledge Solutions LLC, Profiling-L List Owners


The following are a couple of other mailing lists that may be of interest.

Please note that these lists are not sponsored by Knowledge Solutions LLC.

* Forens-L, Forensic Medicine and Sciences Discussion Email List:

Forens-L is an unmoderated discussion list dealing with forensic aspects of anthropology, biology, chemistry, odontology, pathology, psychology, serology, toxicology, criminalistics, and expert witnessing and presentation of evidence in court.

Membership to this discussion list is freely available to all interested individuals or organizations.

To subscribe, send in mail to <MailServ@Acc.Fau.Edu>

Subscribe Forens-L Your Real Name

[Just your name, no titles, no vitae, no punctuation, not nohow]

* Forensic Psych-Med Discussion List:

A majordomo mailing list that involves doctors, researchers, attorneys, students, and others in the discussion of forensic psychiatry and medicine. This group will act as a forum for announcements, as well as a place to have discussions and seek additional information on current forensic psychiatric and medical issues. The Forensic Psych-Med list will also be a location for Drafts, Working Papers, Articles, and Projects in Development to be reviewed by distinguished peers. In addition to academic purposes, this list will also serve as an important source of professional referrals.

To subscribe to the regular form, mail to

<> the command line subscribe.

To subscribe to the digest form, mail to

<> the command line subscribe.

Listowner: <>

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