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"…the value of an interpretation is judged by how well it accounts for the facts;
if contradicted by the facts, it must be abandoned."
— Peter Novick, That Noble Dream

Criminal Profilers in the Media

This is an archive of articles with interviews or stories about various criminal profilers, as well as news articles about criminal profiling in general, collected from the public record through the media. No confidential case material has been or will be archived in this section.

A separate archive of media interviews with Brent E. Turvey is available here: Turvey Interviews.

Students see:


  Profiler Topic Source & Comments
RCMP Sgt. Pierre Nezan Child molesters CASTAGNA, C. "Pursuing sexual deviants: 'Peg hosts police workshop," Winnipeg Sun, April 28, 2004
Robert Ressler Criminal profiling Jordan, A. "Profiling an FBI Profiler: A Man Who Gets Inside the Heads of Serial Killers," ABC NEWS, April 1, 2004
Jack Levin; Michael McGrath GRK; Gary Ridgeway Doughton, S. "The murder junkie," The Seattle Times, November 23, 2003
Kristina Illingsworth, Police Crime Faculty Criminal profiling Kennedy, L. "On the scent without a clue," The Sydney Morning Herald, July 9, 2003
Gregg McCrary Motive BOECKEL, T. & LEE, R. "Motive may stay elusive," Daily Record, July 5, 2003
FBI; David Cantor Criminal profiling "U.S., Britain developed competing systems," The Yomiuri Shimbun, July 1, 2003
Kristina Illingsworth, Police Crime Faculty St. Clair serial rapist - Australia Kennedy, L. "Profiler enlisted in hunt for sex attacker," The Sydney Morning Herald, June 30, 2003
Patricia Cornwell; Kim Rossmo Derrick Todd Lee; Baton Rouge Serial Killer Noel, J. "Police deny TV claims about killings," The Advocate, June 19, 2003

Note: The Baton Rouge PD will still not say where Rossmo's geo-profile told them to look for suspects. This is perhaps telling of its accuracy. In the past, when Rossmo has considered his profiles accurate, he has been eager to make them public.

Unnamed St. Clair serial rapist - Australia "Serial attacker stalking schoolgirls," The Daily Telegraph, June 9, 2003
John Kelly Molly Bish - Homicide Belkin, D. "Predator is eyed in Bish case," Boston Globe, May 26, 2003
Greg Cooper; Robert Keppel Lisa Marie Kimmell - Homicide Westreicher, T. "Serial killer may have murdered Kimmell," Casper Star Tribune, May 6, 2003
Gregg McCrary Sarah Beth McCoy - Homicide Lauck, S. "Ex-FBI profiler describes likely killer," The News-Press, May 5, 2003
Steve Longford Behavioral Intelligence Smith, K. & Vale, M. "Ever stretched the truth on a resume? New technique could detect cheats," ABC News South East NSW, May 5, 2003
Kim Rossmo Geoprofiling; DC Sniper Ren, J. "Crime avoidance techniques discussed by D.C. sniper profiler," Collegiate Times, March 26, 2003

Note: Recall that this is the profiler fired by the Vancouver PD for failing to achieve any significant results with his methods. See: Kim Rossmo v. City of Vancouver et al

Robert "Roy" Hazelwood Pornography & Sex Crimes Giguiere, J. "FBI: Pornography linked to sex crimes," Brigham Young University, February 25, 2003
Sgt. Gary Plank Psychics Hammel, P. "Police are reluctant to rely on psychics," World-Herald, Nebraska, February 23, 2003
FBI profilers Beltway Sniper - DC Sperry, P. "Cops 'wasted time' hunting white guy: FBI behaviorists 'have never profiled potential terrorists'," WorldNet Daily, October 25, 2002
John Baeza, Pat Brown, Bo Dietl, James Fox, Jack Levin, Robert Ressler, Clint Van Zandt, Chris Witcomb Beltway Sniper - DC Farhi, P. & Weeks, L. "With the Sniper, TV Profilers Missed Their Mark ," Washington Post, October 25, 2002

Note: John Baeza made no comments regarding any profile of the DC sniper to the media. He wrote the Post for a retraction and received it. 

Not mentioned in the article is the general accuracy of those belonging to the more evidence based/ deductive schools of thought.

Here are some of the inferences and speculations offered about the DC sniper prior to the arrest of the two suspects:

FBI / Inductive profilers (mixed, from different profilers)
- White male
- 25 to 40 years old
- Not a sniper and not likely military because of weapon choice (inaccurate round)
- Lives in or near the community
- No children
- Firefighter or construction worker
- Possible terrorist links
- Not a true spree killer because a true spree killer would have kept going south. (Robert Ressler, proclaiming that this is not the work of a spree killer on Oct. 9th, describes a true spree killer thus: 'They have no money, no employment. They kill for mobility. They kill for a car. They are on a desperate fugitive run that is bound to end."). See: Md. sniper's profile puzzles investigators, Wed Oct 9, 7:16 AM ET

Deductive profiling (Brent Turvey, John Baeza, & Dr. Mike McGrath)
- No evidence of race
- No evidence of one or two offenders
- Anger motivation
- Cumulative rage from successive failures in personal life
- Straw that broke the camels back would be event in personal life such as divorce, custody battles, and / or loss of job.
- Would want to talk about offenses
- Case would most likely be solved by a tip from alert citizens
- No sniper training (not a very good shot)
- Possible second or third party involved
- Limited evidence of terrorist connection

John Baeza Beltway Sniper - DC Brennan, P. "What If...,", October 16, 2002
John Baeza Beltway Sniper - DC Bagley, P. "Remarks could goad killer to repeat," Washington Times, October 16, 2002
Michael McGrath Beltway Sniper - DC "A local criminal profiler shares his views on the sniper attacks," 10NBC WHEC, October, 2002
John Douglas Profiling - careers WYNE, Z. "Criminal profiler job isn't like TV's image," The Freelance-Star, July 9, 2002
Park Dietz; Robert Ressler Profiling accuracy Gold, S. & Krikorian, G. "Profiling Not Always Model of Accuracy," LA Times, July 18, 2002
Gregg McCrary Rapist Typologies Boyd, D. "Suspect fits common profile of serial rapist" The Dallas - Ft. Worth Star Telegram, June 16, 2002

Note: The reporter confuses a motivational typology with a profile. That this error is published suggests that those interviewed did not make the distinction clear.

Gregg McCrary; Clint Van Zandt Mailbox Bomber - Des Moines, IW Lee, H.K. "Pitfalls of Profiling: Conjuring up psyche of suspects more gamble than science - Profiles can help, but they often are proved wrong," San Francisco Chronicle, May 12, 2002

Press Release

Note: Finally, some decent journalism holding profilers accountable for their bogus statements to the press. With the arrest of Lucas John Helder, Van Zandt's profile is shown to be off on key points. Gregg O. McCrary steps in to defend Van Zandt's inaccurate profile, saying that anyone who claims to be 100% right all the time must be "smoking cigarettes without labels." We are reminded of McCrary's testimony in the Sheppard case where he states that he's "never been wrong yet." (see: McKnight, K., "Expert's Opinion Challenged," Ohio Beacon Journal, April 1, 2000)

FBI; Robert Ressler Juarez sexual homicides Valdez, D. "Profiler finds 'mass media' disheartening," El Paso Times, May 11, 2002
FBI; Robert Ressler Juarez sexual homicides Valdez, D. "FBI suspects serial killers in Juárez deaths," El Paso Times, January 31, 2002
Mark Young Crimes against children; Kidnapping Whitley, J. "Convenience stores: a hang out for child stalkers," KHOU - Houston, April 2, 2002
Robert Keppel; Robert Ressler; Candace Skrapec Forensic science education Walters, J. "Serial killers prey on 'type','" The Hamilton Spectator , February 9, 2002
Michael McGrath, MD Violent female offenders Kitty, A. "Love Crimes, by Alexandra," Elle Canada, February 2002, pp. 60-62:

However, there are some women who aid and abet their mate for their own reasons and not because of the man’s power or charisma, insists Dr. Michael McGrath, a forensic psychiatrist practising in Rochester, NY, and president of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling.

“What you need to do is take a step back and not get caught up in thinking that if a violent crime occurred, the woman must have been under the influence of the man,” he says. “Culturally, we have a hard time blaming a woman when she’s involved in a crime. We are almost programmed to let the woman off. When a woman says, ‘He made me do it,’ we want to believe that.”

Christopher Bagley; Colin Pritchard Child Killers Curtis, P. "Academics build profile of child killers," Security-Guardian, December 18, 2001
Kim Rossmo Rossmo dismissal from VPD Skelton, C. "Rossmo case airs police laundry," Vancouver Sun, November 5, 2001
Kim Rossmo Rossmo dismissal from VPD Kines, L. & Skelton, C. "Deputy chief told aide he would lie, lawyer says But judge disallows testimony of assistant to high-ranking cop," Vancouver Sun, October 25, 2001
Kim Rossmo Rossmo dismissal from VPD Garr, A. "Trial dishes poop on cop coop," The Vancouver Courier, July 5, 2001

Note: I agree with some of this op-ed piece, because I do not favor cronyism at all. However the bottom line with Rossmo is that he did not solve any cases. Not one. He presents to the media as though he has, but when push comes to shove it just isn't true. His analysis is often applied retroactively to solved cases, and he calls this a success. I call it hindsight,

Kim Rossmo Rossmo dismissal from VPD Yearwood, E. "Vancouver police deny serial killer," The Canadian press, July 1, 2001

Note: See note below.

Kim Rossmo Rossmo dismissal from VPD Staff "Ex-cop attacks police over missing women," The Daily News, June 26, 2001

Note: I guess since Rossmo is doing it now, it's okay to be critical of law enforcement?

Kim Rossmo Rossmo dismissal from VPD Ivens, A. "Roadblock on serial killer-Cop," The Province, June 24, 2001

Note: So he was certain that there was/ is a serial killer in Vancouver, but he kept quiet to preserve his job and we are only now hearing about it because he's no longer employed by VPD?

Irma Labuschagne Marike de Klerk homicide Pienaar, J. "'Murder not planned'," News 24 - South Africa, June 12, 2001
Paul Britton, Rod Milton Controversy over profilers Jones, T. & Muir, A. "Controversy over criminal profilers," LATELINE - Transcript, June 11, 2001
Terry Gudaitis Hackers Saita, A. "Hacker Psychology," Information Security, June, 2001
Greg Cooper James Kopp Staff "Seeing minds behind crimes: State profilers step up when other officers get stumped," CBS News, May 22, 2001
Larry Ankrom, Mary Ellen O'Toole School Shooters Di Edoardo, C. "FBI says threat assessment key to avoiding violence," Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 21, 2001
Sharon Pagaling-Hagan General Montaño, R. "Seeing minds behind crimes: State profilers step up when other officers get stumped," Sacramento Bee, April 10, 2001
Larry Ankrom School Shooters Ganley, E. "Big schools, easy guns are formula for tragedy, experts say," APB News, March 7, 2001
Pat Brown Andrea Cincotta Kelly, J. "TV Show to Identify Alleged Murderer," Arlington County News Digest, February 13, 2001

Note: Pat Brown is a former student of mine who approached me years ago, after taking several courses, to get my assistance in naming a person that she was essentially stalking as a serial murderer. No evidence. No proof. Just her firm belief that she knew better than anyone else. I of course refused, told her to stop stalking the guy lest she find herself arrested, and this did not make her happy at all. Ignoring admonishments regarding this and other terribly unprofessional conduct, she continues to go her own way in her corner of the profiling community.

What is being done in this case is a similar farce. Apparently this person views profiling as somehow related to determining guilt and innocence, and sees it as her duty to harass local authorities and harass potentially innocent folk via the media when they don't see things her way. And she only takes on a case for a victim's family after she has done an investigation into their guilt or innocence? Very confusing. I always thought that the investigation came after you were provided with case information, not before. As most families do not have access to the investigative files in a case, I can see how this entanglement was likely avoided.

All in all, highly unethical conduct for a criminal profiler, let alone a forensic professional of any kind, in my view.

Kind of reminds me of....


Ron McKay General Steinbachs, J. "Retired cop fits profile," Ottowa Sun, January 21, 2001

Note: The activity that is described in the article is actually threat assessment, not profiling. Note that his client list does not include law enforcement agencies, which I found an interesting omission. Subsequently, this reads pretty much like a press release intended to attract corporate clients. Not that there is anything wrong with this, only that there is no news provided and one begins to wonder why this was published in the newspaper. I question the journalism here, or rather the lack of it.

Robert Ressler Escaped TX prisoners Kolker, C. "Escaped Texas prisoners apparently led by mastermind," The LA Times, December 29, 2000

Note: I am confused as to why a profiler would be required by investigators in this case, other than to come in and state the obvious (the group has a strong leader, he seems to know what he is doing, etc...). Sounds to me like the investigators in this case would be better off talking to the Correction Officers in the prison or the detectives who originally worked the burglary cases referred to. That and reviewing available correspondence and taped phone calls relating to the escaped prisoners (phone calls made from prisons, as well as prison visits, are for the most part recorded in many states).

Mary Ellen O'Toole Columbine; School shootings Kass, J. "School shooters tip hands," Denver Rocky Mountain News, October 28, 2000

Note: I think it is interesting that one of the FBI's findings is that "school shooters" all tend to have access to guns. I'm not sure that a government funded study is needed to discover this. Perhaps I am mistaken.

Furthermore, I am curious as to how the FBI was able to determine the common lack of empathy (a very subjective psychological determination) among "school shooters", as this is best done with a clinical interview. Many of the "school shooters" died during the incidents, and subsequently cannot be subjected to personality testing or clinical interviews. I also wonder seriously how any of the findings of the study are actually relevant to the investigation or even prevention of school shootings.

Mary Ellen O'Toole Columbine; School shootings Kass, J. "Columbine testimony to be heard," Denver Rocky Mountain News, October 26, 2000
Candace Skrapec Robert Yates Staff "Yates is latest in line of Northwest serial killers," Associated Press, October 21, 2000
Irma Labuschagne; Miki Pistorius; Robert Ressler Profiling in South Africa von Nekerk, P. "A Time to Kill," Maxim Online, October, 2000
Charles Dorsey; Fred Kingston Cornelius case Kalson, S. "FBI profilers help police narrow list of suspects down to one," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 28, 2000

Note: It needs to be noted that the body in this case was found on Monday, and the suspect, whose problematic statement is the only evidence in the case, was being interviewed by Pittsburgh PD on Tuesday (for one--- it is curious how a homeless guy was up on obscure crime elsewhere in the country and in Germany-- guess he keeps up with the news and has a TV or something-- homeless people in Pittsburgh must be different than those in the rest of the country -- couldn't be that the FBI let that info slip, I'm sure). The FBI profilers and their computer program, Rapid Start, were still on the plane to Pittsburgh on Tuesday. The profile came after the suspect was detained, and after the FBI interview with the suspect.

I did a media interview with the FBI's Pittsburgh Profile Coordinator, Dennis Lormel, who claimed, just before I joined in, that this was a success story for the FBI's profiling unit and Rapid Start--- which the press is promoting it as for some reason. When I pointed out on air that the suspect (who is not by any means even a good suspect) was basically found and in custody before the FBI profilers were even on scene, he began to back-peddle furiously.

There was a lot more to that interview which was both amusing and disappointing, like the FBI profiler coordinator claiming a 100% success rate with profiling and with Rapid Start. I mentioned Richard Jewell, the West Memphis case, and other FBI profiling blunders that apparently he was not aware of. I could go on, but I won't. The experience was nothing short of appalling.

This kind of blatant misrepresentation of fact by those within the FBI should not be tolerated, and is a slap in the face to the hard work of the actual investigators in charge of this case, who work for the Pittsburgh Police Department and have jurisdiction over all crimes of this nature (sex crimes and homicides).

Kevin Kelm Arson Profiling Shoup, S. "Clues to Fire Cause Hide Amid Ashes," Albequerque Journal, September 28, 2000
Micki Pistorius Serial Murder in South Africa "S.Africa police appeal for help in serial murder case," CNN, September 19, 2000
Larry Ankrom, Mary Ellen O'Toole School shooters Wrolstad, M. "DISD evaluates risk in student threats," The Dallas Morning News, September 8, 2000
None School shooters "Profiling Students," ABC News, September 7, 2000
Mary Ellen O'Toole School shooters "FBI: School threat report not meant for student profiling," CNN, September 6, 2000
Micki Pistorius Profiling in South Africa Hollands, G. "South Africa's Profiler," Dispatch Online, August 12, 2000
Robert Hare, Mary Ellen O'Toole Psychopaths Mason, B. "Comprehending the con: Psychopath expert Prof. Robert Hare is a wanted man worldwide," UBC Reports, July 13, 2000
Patricia Kirby Gary Cosey homicide: Ohio Payne, M. "Killer's trail grows colder," The Beacon Journal, July 5, 2000
Peter Smerick Waco Staff "Attorneys deliver opening statements in Waco trial,", June 20, 2000
James Fox; Robert Keppel Serial killers; Signature Sunde, S. "Serial killers often leave a 'signature'," Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter, Friday, May 19, 2000

Note: Mr. Keppel refers to signature as a pastime, which I think is incredibly misleading. And, apparently, Mr. Fox thinks that Ted Bundy was a sadistic offender, despite the fact that Bundy never exhibited any sadistic behavior with any of his victims.

Sharon Pagaling Crime Analysis Webby, S. "Unraveling Palo Alto homicide," San Jose Mercury News, Friday, May 19, 2000

Note: Not mentioned in the article is that Luminol is a presumptive test for blood, not a confirmatory test , which is why it is inadmissible as evidence in court. Also note that, contrary to testimony of her mentor Mike Prodan, Pagaling is apparently under the impression that she is a forensic scientist, qualified to perform blood pattern analysis and wound pattern analysis. She admits, however, that she and her team (which I believe is no more than two people) do not usually visit crime scenes. I would regard this as an oversight.

Robert Ressler Waco "Top FBI Expert: Reno Should Have Been Fired,", Thursday, May 18, 2000

Note: Ressler claims that Janet Reno, not the FBI, is responsible for the deaths in Waco, but seems to have forgotten that Reno was getting her intelligence from FBI agents at the scene, including profiler Peter Smerick who admits to altering his opinions for fear of losing his job. See articles below on the subject of Waco.

Eric Hickey; Robert Ressler Serial killers; Spokane Serial killer Wiley, J. "Breaking the Mold - Experts: Suspect in Spokane Killings Doesn’t Fit Serial Killer Profile," Associated Press, April 28, 2000

Note: This article states that Hickey interviewed more than 300 serial killers as part of research for his book on the subject. This is in no way accurate. While he may have interviewed some serial murderers, by and large the data was gathered by collecting media accounts. (Having said that, uncritical use of offenders statements as a data source is not a reliable practice).

Vernon Geberth; Robert Keppel; Robert Ressler; Mary Turner Serial killers; Spokane Serial killer Lynn, A. "Experts say serial killers blend into normal society," The Spokesman Review, April 23, 2000
Peter Smerick Waco Hancock, L. "FBI misled Reno to get tear-gas OK, ex-agent alleged," The Dallas Morning News, March 6, 2000
Yuki Nishimura Profiling; case linkage "Wanted: Police Who Think Like Killers," Newsweek International, February 21, 2000
Pat Kirby Profiling; Zane Floyd O'Connell, P. "Suspect details grisly fantasies," Las Vegas Review-Journal, January 8, 2000
Candace Skrapec Juarez sexual homicides Stackhouse, J. "Men Killing Women In Juarez, Mexico, With Impunity," The Globe and Mail, December 13, 1999
Unnamed Homeless Slayings in Denver, CO Mazza, E. "Brutal World: Serial Killers Prey on the Weak,", Nov. 24, 1999
Robert Ressler Serial Killers Bartels, L. Brennan, C. "FBI profilers join hunt in LoDo slayings," Denver Rocky Mountain News, Nov. 19, 1999
Bill Hagamaier; Mary Ellen O'Toole Columbine; School shootings Staff "FBI lists risk factors for violent kids," The Holland Sentinel, November 9, 1999

Note: I don't think we needed a government funded study to show the things "revealed" in this study. I also have concern that the FBI is the agency hosting the study, as they have no experts in this area on staff and no charter over such investigations.

Jim Fitzgerald Philadelphia rapist Sarlat, R. "Meeting Yields Tips on Killer Rapist,", Sept. 23, 1999
John Douglas Waco Worden, A. "Did FBI Staff Feuds Lead to Waco Disaster?,", Sept. 3, 1999
Pat Kirby Mass Murder Marks, A. "Revenge surfacing in more mass murders," Christian Science Monitor, August 2, 1999
Peter Smerick Mark Barton Hartman, B. "A Very Troubled Past,", July 30, 1999
Mark Young Rafael Resendez- Ramirez "Unsolved slayings probed for links to Maturino Resendez,", July 15, 1999
Candace Skrapec Juarez sexual homicides Russell, M. "Crim prof works to solve murders in Mexico," University Journal, July 12, 1999
John Douglas Rafael Resendez- Ramirez Kalfrin, V. "SUSPECTED RAIL KILLER CALLED CARELESS BUNGLER,", June 29, 1999
Eric Hickey; Harold Schecter Rafael Resendez- Ramirez "How do serial killer suspects elude police?," CNN, June 24, 1999
Ronald Holmes Rafael Resendez- Ramirez Kalfrin, V. "EXPERTS CALL FUGITIVE A TEXTBOOK KILLER,", June 23, 1999
John Douglas Interview/ Chat Staff "John Douglas: Former FBI Profiler on Serial Killers,", June 22, 1999
Marie Ellen O'Toole; Mark Safarik Yosemite homicides Phillips, T. "FBI Says it Needs a Break," The Modesto Bee, April 21, 1999
Micki Pistorius Muti Head Hunters Nkosi, P. "Police eye muti head-hunters," Guteng Sunday Times, April 11, 1999
Greg Cooper; Robert Ressler; Peter Smerick Yosemite homicides Joseph, J. "Anatomy of a Killer,", April 9, 1999
FBI; Roy Hazelwood Interview Cochran, M. "After a checkered youth, Texan becomes expert FBI profiler," Associated Press, April 5, 1999
FBI; Robert Ressler Juarez sexual homicides Sandoval, R. "Bus driver is key in unsolved deaths of Mexico women," Knight Ridder Newspapers, April 2, 1999
FBI David Ray & Cindy Hendy "Torture investigation widens FBI adds profilers to sex probe team," The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Texas, March 31, 1999
Eric Hickey; Gregg McCrary; Sharon Pagaling Yosemite homicides Hubert, C. "FBI Profiler's Join Hunt for Trio's Killer," The Sacramento Bee, March 31, 1999
Greg Cooper Shermantine & Herzog Nelson, R. "Murders under review," The Stockton RecordMarch 24, 1999
Fred Berlin: Nicholas Groth; Brent E. Turvey Randy Comeaux Woolhouse, M. "Experts: No easy answers in rape case," The Advocate, Acadiana, Louisiana, March 19, 1999
FBI; Robert Ressler Juarez sexual homicides Holguin, R. "FBI helping Mexico investigate serial killings in border city," Seattle Times, March 16, 1999
FBI; Robert Ressler Juarez sexual homicides "Preliminary FBI finding: Juarez slayings not the work of one killer," Associated Press, March 13, 1999
FBI Juarez sexual homicides "FBI says Mexico slayings not work of serial killer," Nando Media, March 12, 1999
Mark Safarik; Mary Ellen O'Toole Yosemite homicides Jones, G. "FBI adds profilers to search for trio," Merced Sun-Star, March 2, 1999

Phillips, T. "FBI suspects trio met foul play," Fresno Bee, March 1, 1999

Phillips, T. "FBI stymied, but confirms crime probe," Modesto Bee, March 1, 1999

Dru Wells Profiler Training Langton, E. "West Texas lawmen get FBI tips," The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Texas, January 26, 1999
Spokane county-city homicide task force Spokane serial murderer Wiley, J. "Year passes with no arrest in Spokane serial murder case," Associated Press, November 15, 1998
Robert Ressler Violent crime Brady, G. "FBI profiler to address violent crime," New Media Index, November 12, 1998
Vernon Geberth; Patricia Kirby Spokane serial murderer "Homicide experts explore Spokane-Tacoma link of killer," Associated Press, November 3, 1998
Micki Pistorius Muti murders "Delmas deaths the work of muti killers," Guateng Sunday Times, October 4, 1998
FBI; Spokane county-city homicide task force Spokane serial murderer Ebnet, M. "Spokane officials have few leads on serial killer," Seattle Times, June 15, 1998
David Canter Jack the Ripper "UK Ripper Diary Has Historians Stumped," BBC News, September 16, 1998
John Douglas; Gregg McCrary; Robert Ressler Jonbenet Ramsey Mears, J. "Ex-FBI profiler: Note intended to mislead, `ridiculous' as proof of kidnapping," Associated Press, April 20, 1998
John Douglas; Robert Ressler Jonbenet Ramsey Mears, J. "Ex-FBI Profiler Gives JonBenet Take," Associated Press, April 19, 1998
Robert Ressler Juarez sexual homicides Bizar, J."Expert profiles Juárez killers," San Antonio Express News, July 5, 1998
Brent E. Turvey Jonbenet Ramsey case Sebastian, M. "Child interviews can be tricky," Boulder Daily Camera, June 28, 1998
Kevin Kelm; Brownwyn Killmier Profiling in Australia Allard, T. "High-profile, but X-Files it isn't" February 24, 1998
Robert Keppel Ted Bundy Eng, J. "'Ted files' pose dilemma on disclosure of records," Associated Press, February 22, 1998
Phoebe Kelsoe (Crime Analyst) GIS Douglass, E. "A Byte Out of Crime: Mapping Software Helps Officers Put Pieces Together," LA Times, February 16, 1998
Robert Ressler Susannah Chase Curtin, D. "Profiler enters the case," The Denver Post, January 7, 1998
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John Douglas Jonbenet Ramsey "Ramsey Autopsy Released,", August 13, 1997
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Micki Pistorius Profiling in South Africa "Freud joins up with detectives," Weekly Mail & Guardian, February 17, 1995
Irma Labuschagne Profiling in South Africa "COMPUTERS AID CLEVELAND KILLER," Weekly Mail & Guardian, September 30, 1994

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