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Criminal Profiling Archives
The section of our website is dedicated to the storage and public dissemination of information and case material related to criminal profiling, forensic fraud, and forensic misadventure.

The extensive amount of material archived here has been gathered from the public domain for use by students, professionals, and the media. It is not updated regularly, and represents only a cross-section of publicly available information. 

No confidential case material has been or will be archived in this section.

Please feel free to submit additional cases, materials or corrections to


Brent E. Turvey, MS - 2008

Brent E. Turvey, MS
A limited archive of media accounts, interviews, and publicly available case material related to the casework, sworn testimony and opinions of Brent E. Turvey. This is not a complete archive, and is updated infrequently.

Forensic Fraud
An archive of cases involving alleged, admitted, and / or demonstrable forensic fraud by forensic experts.

Forensic Misadventure
An archive of cases involving mistakes or errors committed by forensic experts with serious consequences, unintentional and potentially intentional alike.

Criminal Profilers in the Media
An archive of media accounts and interviews related to the activities and opinions of various criminal profilers.

Criminal Profiles
An archive of criminal profiles collected from the public record, gathered from the media and publicly available court documents.

Criminal Profiling in Court
An archive of criminal profiler testimony and associated media accounts collected from the public record.

Rape Investigation Handbook
Crime Reconstruction
Forensic Victimology

Career Guide to Criminal Profiling
Journal of Behavioral Profiling




Criminal Profiling, 3rd Ed. Career Guide to Criminal Profiling Journal of Behavioral Profiling

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