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Aerial Photography:
Professional Techniques and Commercial Applications
by Harvey Lloyd
144 pages
Published by Amphoto
Publication date: May 1,1990

Book News, Inc., 12/01/90: A beautifully-illustrated guide to the strategies for taking aerial photographs for creative, technical, and commercial applications. Among the topics covered are aircraft and pilots, equipment and maintenance, aerial composition, and the business of aerial photography. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

  Aerial Surveillance Sensing Including Obscured and Underground Object Detection:
4, 6 April 1994 Orlando, Florida
(Spie, Vol 2217)
by Ivan Cindrich, Nancy K. Del Grande
Published by Society of Photo Optical
Publication date: April 1994

  Applied Police and Fire Photography
by Raymond P. Siljander, Darin D. Fredrickson
2nd Edition Hardcover
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: March 1997

  Cctv Surveillance:
Video Practices and Technology
by Herman Kruegle
Published by Butterworth-Heinemann
Publication date: August 1,1996

Book News, Inc., 11/01/96: A manual outlining closed circuit television (CCTV) technology in relation to security systems develops both the technical side of CCTV and its potential applications to the security industry. Kruegle (vice president, Visual Methods, Inc.) illuminates artificial lighting, camera lenses and optics, video switchers and consoles, motion detectors, image splitting, system power sources, and the new technology coming on the scene. Security professionals will be particularly interested in the sections on standards and bids. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

  Crime Photographers Handbook:
How to Get Perfect Crime-Scene and Surveillance Photos And Video Every Time
by Doug Lester
Published by Paladin Press
Publication date: January 1996

Crime Scene and Evidence Photographer's Guide
by Steven Staggs
Spiral-bound, 66 pages
Published by Staggs Publishing
Publication date: June 2, 1997

From the Author: Photography of crime scenes and evidence is a critical part of many investigations. Our photographs are frequently used for further investigation (e.g., to make comparisons between a shoe impression at the scene and the suspect's shoe) and to illustrate testimony in court. A great deal is riding on every exposure. So how do we remember every technique and procedure while taking photographs at the scene? We can take classes, practice, and memorize techniques--hoping we will remember everything when the time comes. Or, we can carry a field handbook to assist us at the scene. I wrote this handbook for just that purpose. The Crime Scene and Evidence Photographer's Guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions for photographing crime scenes and evidence. When combined with training and experience, this handbook will help to insure that your crime scene and evidence photography is complete and accurate.

Steve Staggs has a website located at:

Interpretation of Airphotos and Remotely Sensed Imagery

Interpretation of Airphotos and Remotely Sensed Imagery
by Robert H. Arnold
Spiral Edition Paperback
Published by Prentice Hall
Publication date: August 1996


  Practical Methodology of Forensic Photography
(Elsevier Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations)
by David R. Redsicker, Gurden Gordner, Stuart H. James, Anthony Laws
Published by CRC Press
Publication date: September 1992

  Techniques of Fire Photography
by P. Lyons Hardcover
Published by Natl Fire Protection Assn
Publication date: June 1978

Police Surveillance in America
(20th Century Fund)
by Gary T. Marx
Reprint Edition
Published by Univ of California Press
Publication date: February 1,1990

  The Underwater Photographer
by Martin Edge, Ian Turner (Editor)
Paperback, 165 pages
Published by Focal Press
Publication date: August 1,1996

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