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Advances in Fingerprint Technology
(CRC Series in Forensic and Police Science)
by Henry C. Lee, R.E. Gaensslen (Editor)
Published by CRC Press
Publication date: January 1994

Brent's notes: Okay, what do you want me to say? I didn't like it? If I said that, Dr. Gaensslen would call UNH from his new home in Chicago and have my degree pulled for some technicality and I'd have to go back and retake Advanced Investigation II or something like that. And nobody wants that. So it was a great book. I loved it.

In all seriousness, it's an excellent compilation of techniques by a lot of different minds. And that, among other things, makes it an excellent resource.

  Criminal Evidence for Police
by Kenneth M. Wells, Marlene E. Hertoghe, Paul B. Weston
4th Edition Hardcover, 237 pages
Published by Prentice Hall
Publication date: April 1,1995

Brent's notes: Many police agencies use this text as required reading for their internal training. And it's in the 4th edition so somebody must think it's good book. I haven't had the pleasure, however.


Criminal Profiling:
An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis

2nd Edition
by Brent E. Turvey
Hardcover, 715 pages
Published by Academic Press, 2002
ISBN: 0127050418

See Chapter 5, An Introduction to Crime Reconstruction
by W. Jerry Chisum, BS

For further information on this book, see the Criminal Profiling shelf.

  Ear Identification
(Forensic Identification Series)
by Alfred V. Iannarelli Revised
Published by Paramont Pub
Publication date: November 1989
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Evidence and Crime Scene Reconstruction
by Chisum W.J., and Rynearson J.M.
5th Ed.
Published by Shingletown Press
Publication date: 1997





  Contrast: An Investigator's Basic Reference Guide to Fingerprint Identification Concepts
by Craig A. Coppock
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: January 2001
ISBN: 0398071306

  Fingerprint Detection With Lasers
by E. Roland Menzel
Published by Marcel Dekker
Publication date: August 1980

Fingerprints The Origins of Crime Detection and the Murder Case That Launched Forensic Science
by Colin Beavan
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published by Hyperion
Publication date: May 2001
ISBN: 0786866071

  Fingerprint Technician (C255)
by Jack Rudman
Paperback List:
Published by Natl Learning Corp
Publication date: June 1980

  Fingerprint Technician Trainee (C-286)
by Jack Rudman Paperback
Published by Natl Learning Corp
Publication date: June 1985

Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
by Louise M. Robbins
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: September 1985

  Footwear Impression Evidence
(CRC Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations)
by William J. Bodziak
Published by CRC Press
Publication date: April 1995

Brent's notes: This is the book for footwear impression by the best mind in the field; The FBI's Bill Bodziak. Excellent reference tool.

  Friction Ridge Skin : Comparison and Identification of Fingerprints
by James Cowger
Published by CRC Press
Publication date: February 1983

fsb_fbi.gif (7528 bytes) Hard Evidence:
How Detectives Inside the Fbi's Sci-Crime Lab Have Helped Solve America's Toughest Cases
by David Fisher
Mass Market Paperback
Published by Dell Pub Co
Publication date: June 1,1996

Synopsis: David Fisher takes us behind the scenes at the world's most sophisticated crime lab to hear the riveting stories of super-technical crime solving from the agents themselves. Discover the truly remarkable work being done in each of the lab's 12 units, covering toxicology, explosives, hair and fibers, firearms, and much more.

  An Introduction to Lasers, Forensic Lights and Fluorescent Fingerprint Detection
by E. Roland Menzel
Published by Lightning Powder Co
Publication date: October 1991

Brent's notes: Brought to you by the good people of Lightning Powder in Salem, Oregon. What's a forensic light? Is it anything like a forensic light source, say a Polilight or an Omnichrome 6 million series? Or is it a crime fighting lightbulb? Or merely an argumentative light bulb? I guess I'll leave the truly difficult questions to the philosophers.

Introduction to Fingerprint Comparison
by Gary W. Jones
Spiral-bound, 87 pages
Published by Staggs Publishing
Publication date: October 2000
ISBN: 0966197038


  Scene of the Crime:
U.S. Government Forensic Handbook
Published by Paladin Press
Publication date: December 1992

  Scott's Fingerprint Mechanics
by Walter R. Scott
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: June 1978

  Senior Fingerprint Technician
by Jack Rudman Paperback
Published by Natl Learning Corp
Publication date: June 1985

  Statistics and the Evaluation of Evidence for Forensic Scientists
by Colin Aitken
Published by John Wiley & Sons
Publication date: July 1995

Author's comments: The use of statistical and probabilistic methods and models in forensic science is of increasing importance, as demonstrated by the widespread public interest in DNA profiling evidence. However, such methods and models are appropriate to a range of other situations also of relevance to forensic scientists. Assuming only a modest mathematical background, the book uses data-based examples from a forensic science background to illustrate, with careful presentation and explanation, the relevant statistical concepts and methods. Topics covered include: - transfer evidence; - the likelihood ratio approach for evaluating evidence under conflicting hypotheses produced by the prosecution and the defence; - the interpretation of quantitative results: the prosecutor's and defender;s fallacies; - the examination of DNA profiling, blood groups, glass fragments, etc. The clarity of exposition makes this book ideal for all forensic scientists, lawyers and other professionals in related fields interested in the quantitative assessment and evaluation of evidence.

Suspect Identities A History of Fingerprinting and Criminal Identification
by Simon A. Cole
Hardcover, 369 pages
Published by Harvard Univ Pr
Publication date: May 2001
ISBN: 0674004558

Tainting Evidence Tainted Evidence:
Behind the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab
by John Kelly, Phillip Wearne
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published by Simon & Schuster
Publication date: May 1998

Synopsis: This provocative, headline-grabbing expose sheds disturbing light on the massive shortcomings of the FBI crime lab - sure to open the eyes of the public and cause great controversy.

Brent's notes: I wrestled a lot with this book. For beginners, and for those unfamiliar with how the mechanisms of a crime lab can break down and cause harm, this is probably a fairly eye-opening book. However, it is based a great deal on witness accounts, and is not a definitive, cogent analysis of the work of forensic scientists by other forensic scientists.

  Tire Imprint Evidence
(Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations)
by Peter McDonald
Published by CRC Press
Publication date: May 1989

  The Use of Statistics in Forensic Science
(Ellis Horwood Series in Forensic Science)
by Colin Aitken, D.A. Stoney
Published by Ellis Horwood Ltd
Publication date: November 1991

Brent's notes: Statistics are the things that make DNA and other physical class evidences practical in court, so here they are. I'd say DNA was individuating evidence in front of any jury of 12, but after Simpson.....?

Author's comments: The main purpose of this book is to describe ways of assessing forensic science evidence and the means of communicating this assessment to a court of law. A clear exposition of probability from the Bayesian perspective is provided. The underlying theme of the book is the emphasis on the importance for the assessment of the value of associative evidence linking a suspect and a crime scene, of the comparison of two probabilities, the first being that of the evidence if the suspect is guilty, the second being that of the evidence if the suspect is innocent. Edited as a joint venture between a statistician and a forensic scientist, both leaders in the field of evidential assessment, this book brings together contributions from leading researchers in the area. Technical expressions are kept to a minimum, with readers wanting more information on a particular test being referred to standard textbooks as and when necessary. The editors' aim is to ensure that proper attention is paid by the courts to consideration of the probability of the evidence of association if the suspect is innocent as well as to this probability if the suspect is guilty.



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