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Dictionary of Modern Biology Dictionary of Modern Biology
by Norah Rudin
Paperback, 368 pages
Published by Barrons Educational Series
Publication date: July 1997

Brent's notes: This is the book I keep on my shelf right next to "Forensic Pathology" by DiMaio. I use it whenever I undertake to interpret an autopsy report that includes terms I don't encounter on a daily basis. It's a very helpful book with good illustrations and written in plain language. Good job Norah!

  Forensic Pathology
(CRC Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations)
by Dominick J. Di Maio, Vincent J. M. DI Maio
Published by CRC Pr Publication
Publication date: January 1993

Brent's notes: An excellent comprehensive introductory text. I refer to it often, and it is required reading for many intro forensic pathology courses. If you are or want to be a death investigator, this book needs to be on your shelf or nearby.

Gray's Anatomy:
The Classic Collector's Edition
by Henry Gray, T. Pickering Pick (Editor),
Hardcover - 1257 pages 15th Rev edition (February 1991)

Brent's notes: Excellent reference companion for assistance in reading autopsy or sexual assault reports. The industry standard in anatomy texts.


Gunshot Wounds:
Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques
(CRC Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigation)
by Vincent J. M. DI Maio
2nd Edition Hardcover
Published by CRC Pr Publication
Publication date: January 1999

Brent's notes: I kept using sections of this book I'd photocopied from Yale's Medical Library. So I finally broke down and bought my own copy. The definitive text on gunshot wound pathology, for my money.

Forensic Odontology Manual of Forensic Odontology,
by C. Michael Bowers DDS JD (Editor), Gary Bell (Editor)
Paperback, Third Edition, 357 pages
Publication date: November 1, 1995
ISBN: 0965022358

FS150, Exploring the Field of Forensic Odontology

The editor,, May 31, 1998: A comprehensive reference on forensic dentistry. The Manual is considered the best reference book on the subject by the American Board of Forensic Odontology.

It contains practical material on the multiple areas of expertise forensic odontologists need to have when asked to investigate criminal and civil cases.

Emphasis is placed on the Scientific Method, Identification of Human Remains, Bitemark Analysis, and DNA Profiling.

The serious student of the subject, should consider the Manual a necessary reference that describes the complexity of forensic cases which demand that dental evidence be collected, analyzed and represented by trained forensic odontologists.

The publisher, The American Society of Forensic Odontology , 04/19/98: The most current and comprehensive text on the subject. This 1995 work by the American Society of Forensic Odontology has been positively reviewed by professional forensic scientists. In 1997, the American Board of Forensic Odontology voted it the best text available for serious students of the subject.

An international array of 38 contributors describe the entire scope of forensic dentistry. It is written with a practical, step-by step format that stresses the responsibilities dentists have in investigating criminal and civil forensic casework.

  Medicolegal Investigation of Death:
Guidelines for the Application of Pathology to Crime Investigation
by Werner U. Spitz (Editor)
3rd Edition Hardcover
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: December 1993

Brent's notes: This book is one of the best all around forensic pathology texts in existence. It should definitely be on every homicide detective's desk, as well as within the reach of every student of criminal justice, law enforcement, and the forensic sciences.

But only in a perfect world, I guess.

  The Pathology of Homicide;
A Vade Mecum for Pathologist, Prosecutor and Defense Counsel.
by Lester Adelson
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub LTD
Publication date: December 1974

Brent's notes: This is another pretty good pathology book. I've used it a number of times, and I've seen it referenced by a number of ME's in their own works for basic, primary kinds of stuff like definitions, which means they probably have a copy. Well organized and easy to use for non-medical types like me.

Unfortunately I do not have my own copy.

  Pathology of Neck Injury
by Peter Vanezis
Published by Butterworth-Heinemann
Publication date: March 1989

Brent's notes: I referenced this book in my paper on ligature strangulation. It was an excellent resource for images with succinct explanations, descriptions, and case material. Very well done.

Book News, Inc., 06/01/89: A practical guide and reference work to all pathological aspects of neck injury. For pathologists, forensic practitioners, trauma specialists, ENT surgeons, and general surgeons. Outlines the anatomy of the neck and related examination techniques, details penetrating injuries, and discusses deaths associated with hanging and other methods. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or

fsb_unnaturald.gif (6174 bytes) Unnatural Death: Confessions of a Medical Examiner
by Judith Adler Hennessee, Michael M. Baden
Reprint Edition
Mass Market Paperback
Published by Ivy Books
Publication date: February 1992

Brent's notes: Michael Baden is one of the most gifted pathologists around. I've been lucky enough to see him lecture on a few occasions because of his relationship with Dr. Lee. He's a very humorous man in person.

Synopsis: J.F.K.'s autopsy failed to disclose crucial evidence. The post-mortems of Jennifer Levin, Elvis Presley and Tennessee Williams were either questionable, incomplete - or just plain wrong. These are but a few of the startling revelations in Dr. Michael Baden's dramatic account of his account of his years in forensic pathology. HC: Random House.

Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey? Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey?:
A Leading Forensic Expert Uncovers the Shocking Facts

by Cyril H. Wecht & Charles Bosworth, Jr.
Published by Signet
Publication date: July 1998

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Pathology & Death Investigation shelf

General Interest Books:


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Anderson's Color Atlas of Pathology
by Ivan Damjanov, James Linder
Published by Mosby-Year Book
Publication date: March 1997


Atlas of Forensic Pathology, An
by Charles V. Wetli, Roger E. Mittleman, Valerie J. Rao
Published by Amer Society of Clinical
Publication date: January 1999
ISBN: 0891894306


Atlas of Forensic Pathology
by Nancy L. Jones
Published by Igaku-Shoin Medical Pub
Publication date: June 1996
ISBN: 0896403157


Best Evidence:
Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
by David S. Lifton
Reprint Edition Mass Market Paperback, 907 pages
Published by Signet
Publication date: November 1,1992

  Cause of Death
by Mark Curriden, Benjamin Wecht, Cyril Wecht
Mass Market Paperback
Published by Onyx Books
Publication date: November 1,1994

Synopsis: America's leading forensic pathologist reexamines some of the most famous cases of recent history, including the JFK and RFK assassinations, Elvis, Chappaquiddick, the "Scarsdale Diet" doctor, and dozens of other shocking true stories. 8-page insert.

  Child Abuse:
Medical Diagnosis and Management
by Robert M. Reece
Published by Lea & Febiger
Publication date: January 1994

Book News, Inc., 02/01/94: A guide for medical practitioners through the sometimes difficult terrain of the medical, surgical, radiographic, and laboratory nuances of child abuse. It synthesizes the information from all the medical subspecialties and makes it available to the practitioner, who applies the most efficacious diagnostic maneuvers to help diagnose and treat the victims of child maltreatment. It also enables the practitioner to provide optimal expert testimony in court proceedings so that the best interests of the child and family are served. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


Coroner's Autopsy: A Guide to Non-Criminal Autopsies for the General Pathologist
by Bernard Knight


Death Investigation: The Basics
by Brad Randall, MD
Published by Churchill Livingstone
Publication date: September 1997
ISBN: 1883620244

The Death of Hitler

The Death of Hitler:
The Full Story With New Evidence from Secret Russian Archives
by Peter Watson, Ada Petrova
Published by W W Norton & Co
Publication date: September 1,1996



Dental identification and forensic odontology
by Warren Harvey

  Emergency Nursing:
Forensics, Protocols, Policies and Guidelines
by Virginia A. Lynch
Published by Aspen Pub
Publication date: January 1995

Brent's notes: I don't know Virginia Lynch personally, but I do know one of her students, Georgia O'Mary, who is about one of the finest up and coming forensic nurses in the field. She and I studied together under Dr. Lee. She works for a hospital in the greater Boston, Mass. area.

Recently we bumped into each other at the AAFS meeting in New York (and again at the Arnold Markle Symposium where all Henry Lee alumnus migrate unconsciously around Saint Patrick's Day every year). I asked her how things were going at the hospital and she said, "Business is really good; people are just dying to get in."

Georgia also informed me that Virginia Lynch has a new Forensic Nursing text due out soon.

And if Georgia is any indication of the quality of student that we can expect from the work of Virginia Lynch, then in my estimation the field of forensic nursing is in good hands.


Entomology and Death, a Procedural Guide
Neal Haskell (Editor), E. Paul Catts (Editor)
Spiral-bound Spiral edition
Published by Forensic Entomology Associates
Publication date: December 1990
ISBN: 0962869600


The Estimation of Time Since Death in the Early Postmortem Period
by Claus Henssge, Bernard Knight
Published by Edward Arnold
Publication date: January 1995

  Ethics, Legal Medicine and Forensic Pathology
by Vernon Douglas Plueckhahn
Hardcover, 2nd Edition
Published by Melbourne Univ Pr
Publication date: June 1999
ISBN: 0522844456

  Forensic Dentistry
by Paul G. Stimson (Editor), Curtis A. Mertz (Editor)
Published by CRC Pr
Publication date: May 1997

Book Description: Identification of unknown individuals and the determination of their age, race, and sex is one of the most important functions of forensic dentistry. Throughout history, this procedure has been used to establish difficult identifications, including Adolph Hitler, Eva Braun, Lee Harvey Oswald, and actor William Holden. Other essential applications of forensic dentistry include mass disaster investigations, evaluating bite marks and bitemark evidence in death investigations, child abuse investigations, and in civil litigation for evaluating oral or temporomandibular injuries related to accidents. This book explains these procedures in a comprehensive way that takes you step-by-step through the world of forensic dental investigations.

The areas of forensic dentistry have come a long way in recent years. New and unique discussions offer information that will benefit professionals faced with many of the current aspects of the science. Topics include how to deal with a trial or an aggressive attorney and how to assess buried crime scene evidence (the application of forensic geotaphonomy in forensic archaeology).

Forensic Dentistry illustrates the proper handling and evaluation of dental evidence. Its broad coverage also includes important information for legal and police science professionals who must properly evaluate and present dental findings. This book covers all standard examination practices of dental evidence, including identification of unknown individuals (age, race, sex).

Whether you are a medical examiner or a pathologist who needs to know about the proper handling and evaluation of dental evidence, a legal or police science professional who needs to know how to deal with the proper presentation of dental findings in a court of law, or a dentist who wants to use your training and experience in a unique, interesting, and challenging way, this book is for you!


Forensic Pathology
by Bernard Knight
2nd Edition Hardcover
Published by Oxford Univ Pr
Publication date: September 1996


Forensic Pathology
by Kenneth Alonso, Carmen Alonso
Mass Market Paperback
Published by Allegro Pr
Publication date: December 1997


Forensic Pathology, (Colour Guide)
David J. Williams (Editor)
Published by Churchill Livingstone
Publication date: April 1998
ISBN: 044305388X


Forensic Pathology: In Criminal Cases
by Michael Graham, Randy Hanzlick
Published by Lexis Law Pub
Publication date: December 1997
ISBN: 1558346856

fsb_gravesecret.gif (7840 bytes) Grave Secrets:
A Leading Forensic Expert Reveals the Startling Truth About O.J. Simpson, David Koresh, Vincent Foster, and Other Sensational Cases
by Mark Curriden, Benjamin Wecht, Cyril Wecht
Published by E P Dutton
Publication date: October 1,1996

Synopsis: Widely recognized as one of the country's greatest forensic authorities, Dr. Cyril Wecht has been called into the most sensational cases of the day. Long experienced at making the intricacies of scientific investigation accessible to lay audiences, Dr. Wecht writes with a clarity and excitement that will fascinate readers and provide proof of the power of forensics to reveal the truth.


Guide to Forensic Pathology
by Jay, Md Dix, Robert, MD
Paperback, 257 pages
Published by CRC Press
Publication date: June 1999
ISBN: 0849302676


Guide to Pathological Evidence for Lawyers and Police Officers
by Frederick A. Jaffe
Hardcover, 3rd Edition
Published by Thomson Professional Pub Cn
Publication date: September 1991
ISBN: 0459354612


Handbook for Death Scene Investigators
by Jay D. Dix, Mary Fran Ernst (Contributor)
Paperback, 124 Pages
Published by Springer Verlag
Publication date: March 1999
ISBN: 0849302986

Handbook of Forensic Pathology

Handbook of Forensic Pathology
by Vincent J. M. DI Maio, Suzanna E. Dana
Spiral-bound Spiral edition
Published by R G Landes CO
Publication date: May 1998



Mass Fatality and Casualty Incidents: A Field Guide
by Robert A. Jensen
Paperback, 272 Pages
Published by CRC Press
Publication date: November 18, 1999
ISBN: 0849312957


The Medicolegal Death Investigator: a Systematic Training Program for the Professional Death Investigator
400 pages
Published by Occupational Research and Assessment
Publication date: ?
ISBN: 096512990X

fsb_dictionary.gif (2960 bytes) Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary
Mass Market Paperback, 771 pages
Published by Merriam Webster
Publication date: May 1,1995

Synopsis: Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary packs more than 35,000 entries filled with information into an easy-to-use paperback home and office guide to medical terminology. This up-to-date reference provides definitions for long-established terms and new words, including medical prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations. Brand names and generic equivalents of many commonly used medications are also included.


Microscopic Diagnosis in Forensic Pathology
by Joshua A. Perper
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub LTD
Publication date: August 1980
ISBN: 0398039690


Outline of Forensic Dentistry
by James A. Cottone (Editor)


(Medical Examination Review);
by A. Olusegun Fayemi
10th Edition Paperback, 319 pages
Published by Prentice Hall
Publication date: September 1,1993


The Pathology of Trauma
by J. K. Mason (Editor), Basil Purdue (Editor), Ken Mason (Editor)
Hardcover, 3rd Edition
Published by Edward Arnold
Publication date: February 15, 2000
ISBN: 0340691891

  Practical Forensic Odontology
by Derek H. Clark (Editor)
Published by Butterworth-Heinemann
Publication date: January 1992

Brent's notes: How many people in the room are wishing right at this moment that Lowell Levine would write the definitive text on this subject? Be honest....

Well I was surprised to be unable to find any textbook written by Lowell et al, as I have been an eager student of his journal publications, lectures, and anecdotes. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

Book News, Inc., 11/01/92: A thorough outline of the techniques and considerations applied by dentists to identify disaster victims or present evidence in cases of violent crime (primarily interpreting damage by teeth or to teeth in child abuse). Explains the principles of human tooth identification, using microscopical techniques, age assessment, dental records, radiography, and other tools; and explores the procedures for accident investigation and for presenting evidence in court. Based on British law. Useful for dentists, dental surgeons and students, and law professionals. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


Simpson's Forensic Medicine
by Bernard Knight
11th Edition Paperback
Published by Edward Arnold
Publication date: December 1996


Suspicious Death-Scene Investigation
by Peter Vanezis (Editor), Anthony Busuttil
Published by Oxford Univ Pr
Publication date: November 1995

  The Testimony of Teeth: Forensic Aspects of Human Dentition
by Spencer L. Rogers
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub LTD
Publication date: August 1988


Wound Ballistics
by K.G. Sellier, B.P. Kneubuchl
Published by Elsevier Science LTD
Publication date: April 1994


United States Medicolegal Autopsy Laws
by Cyril H. Wecht
3rd Edition Paperback
Published by Info Resources Pr
Publication date: August 1989


The Washing Away of Wrongs: Forensic Medicine in Thirteenth-Century China
by by TzU, Sung, Mcknight (Translator)
Paperback, English Edition
Published by Center for Chinese Studies
Publication date: October 1981
ISBN: 0892648007

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