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Evidence Dismissed:
The Inside Story of the Police Investigation of O.J.Simpson
by Tom Lange
Published by Pocket Books
Publication date: February 1,1997


  I Know You Really Want to Tell Me, but I Really Don't Want to Know :
Alternate Answers and Letters to O.J.
Mass Market Paperback
Published by New American Library
Publication date: September 1,1995

fsb_incontempt.gif (6223 bytes) In Contempt
by Christopher A. Darden, Jess Walter
Reprint Edition Mass Market Paperback
Published by Harper Mass Market Paperbacks
Publication date: February 1,1997
  • Synopsis: Christopher Darden, a key prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial, offers an unflinching look at a justice system imperiled by racism and delivers an inside look into the Trial of the Century as he experienced it--an African-American man struggling to do the right thing in a racist world. Includes a 16-page photo insert. Movie rights optioned. National ads/media.

  O.J. A to Z:
The Complete Handbook to the Trial of the Century
by Clifford Linedecker
1 Ed Paperback
Published by St Martins Pr
Publication date: December 1,1995

  O.J. Unmasked:
The Trial, the Truth, and the Media
by M. L. Rantala
Paperback, 271 pages
Published by Glencoe/MacMillan McGraw Hill
Publication date: June 1,1996

The O.J. Simpson Case: Justice Confronts Race, Domestic Violence, Lawyers, Money, and the Media
by Jeffrey Abramson (Editor)
1 Ed Paperback, 239 pages
Published by Basic Books
Publication date: June 1996

fsb_reasonabledoubt.gif (6105 bytes) Reasonable Doubts:
The O.J. Simpson Case and the Criminal Justice System
by Alan M. Dershowitz
Published by Simon & Schuster
Publication date: February 1,1996
  • Books: Alan Dershowitz, arguably one of the foremost legal thinkers of our time, gives an eye-opening account of the O.J. Simpson case and examines the larger issues of race, money, media, and gender that shape the criminal justice system in America.

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