Digital Evidence and Computer Crime:
Forensic Science, Computers, and the Internet,
2nd Edition

by Eoghan Casey
with contributions from Robert Dunne, Monique Mattei Ferraro, Troy Larson, Michael McGrath, Gary Palmer, Tessa Robinson, and Brent Turvey

Table of Contents
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Intructor's Manual
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The focus of this book is to assist digital crime scene experts who collect digital evidence, digital evidence examiners who process the recovered digital evidence, and digital investigators who analyze digital evidence to build a case. It is acknowledged that these specializations are developing in law enforcement, computer security, and the military. In as much as is possible, this text is written to serve the needs of each of these groups. Additionally, this book contains materials to assists attorneys and judges with issues relating to digital evidence.

From the 1st Edition

Foreword, Robert L. Dunne, J.D.

Preface, Eoghan Casey

Review, Fred Cohen

Review, Wietse Venema

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