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Criminal Profiling Criminal Profiling:
An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis

1st Edition

by Brent E. Turvey, MS
Academic Press, June 1999

Please note: for information on the current edition of this textbook, please see:
Criminal Profiling, 2nd Edition

by Brent E. Turvey, MS

"Then I look about me at my fellow-men; and I go in fear. I see faces, keen
and bright; others dull or dangerous; others, unsteady, insincere,
—none that have the calm authority of a reasonable soul."

(H.G. Wells, The Island of Dr Moreau

About the Contributors



Dr. Richard Saferstein
Author's Note: Brent E. Turvey, MS

The Professionalization of Criminal Profiling

Chapter 1: An Overview of Criminal Profiling
Chapter 2: Inductive Criminal Profiling
Chapter 3: The Deductive Method of Criminal Profiling
Chapter 4: Goals of the Deductive Method of Criminal Profiling
Chapter 5: Case Assessment
Chapter 6: Equivocal Forensic Analysis
Chapter 7:

An Introduction to Crime Reconstruction
by W. Jerry Chisum, BS

Chapter 8: Wound Pattern Analysis
Chapter 9: Victimology: Profiling the Victim
Chapter 10: Victimology: Risk Assessment
Chapter 11: Crime Scene Characteristics
Chapter 12: Organized v. Disorganized - A False Dichotomy
Chapter 13: Understanding Modus Operandi
Chapter 14: Understanding Signature
Chapter 15: Motivational Typologies
Chapter 16: Offender Characteristics
Chapter 17: Psychopathy & Sadism
Chapter 18: Investigative Strategy
Chapter 19: Trial Strategy
Chapter 20: Ethics and the Criminal Profiler
Chapter 21: Deductive Profiling: A Clinical Perspective from the UK
by Dr. Diana Tamlyn, Forensic Psychiatrist
Chapter 22: Alternative Methods of Offender Profiling
Chapter 23: Use of Fire & Explosives
Chapter 24: Serial Rape & Serial Homicide
Chapter 25: Cyberpatterns: Criminal Behavior on the Internet
by Eoghan Casey, MA
Appendix I:

Whitechapel - The Ripper Murders

Appendix IIa:

Evaluating Inductive Profiles - The Jonbenet Ramsey Case

Appendix IIb:

Evaluating Inductive Profiles - The Sofia Silva Case, The Kristin and Kati Lisk Case

Appendix IIIa:

Behavioral Evidence Analysis
Steve E. Branch, Chris M. Byers, James M. Moore

Appendix IIIb:

Behavioral Evidence Analysis - [15-year-old white female], [15-year-old white male], [13-year-old black male]

Appendix IV:

Task-Force Management
by Det. John J. Baeza

Appendix V:

Professionalizing Criminal Profiling

A color plate section appears between pages 94 and 95  


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