He Sees Rapes As 'Dates'
E. Side rapist a 'loser' - FBI

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A rapist who has terrorized the upper East Side for three years is a loser and loner who thinks of his brutal attacks as "dates," according to a newly released FBI profile.

The stalker — who struck again last month after a six-month hiatus — even keeps souvenirs from his victims, mementos from nights that were harrowing ordeals for the women but romantic interludes for him.

The chilling in-depth portrait — provided to jittery upper East Siders by the FBI at a packed meeting last week — is the latest novel step taken by law enforcement officials pursuing the sex fiend, who has attacked 17 women since 1994. One attack occurred on the West Side.

Cops even considered using a psychic to find the assailant. He last attacked early on March 23, grabbing a 24-year-old woman from behind on 90th St. She escaped.

Frustrated detectives have:

The FBI profile takes detectives inside the assailant's mind.

It's based on evidence gathered by detectives in the NYPD's sex crimes unit, who concluded the rapist attacks women so he can "feel like a man."

FBI Special Agent James Fitzgerald told the community meeting in Lenox Hill Hospital's auditorium that the rapist is a loner, a loser, a guy who dreams of dating the women he attacks, but doesn't have the social skills or confidence to approach them normally.

Fitzgerald said the rapist "fantasizes" these women think of the encounters as "dates."

He often takes a "souvenir" as a keepsake — in addition to the victim's money.

Experts also think he's an underachiever who has a menial job with little interaction with the public.

Fitzgerald said the round-faced fiend may have been in trouble before.

"If he is known to the police, it's likely to be for things like window peeping, obscene phone calls, indecent exposure," he said.

The March 23 victim was a slim blond who lived in a building without a doorman, traits she shared with most other victims, police said.

She escaped violence because the rapist wasn't carrying a gun, as he has before. Two other women who resisted were beaten.

Until then, the rapist had not struck since September — the spree's longest hiatus.

The reward for his capture is now $23,000, said neighborhood activist Nikki Henkin.

"Somebody knows him. You're working or shopping with him. He may have dated the woman in the next building," FBI Special Agent Mary Galligan told the meeting.

She urged area residents to call detectives if they know someone who fits the profile. "He's a call away from getting caught," she said.

Investigators suspect the rapist could be a doorman or hospital employee because they work in shifts, and he almost always hits between midnight and 5 a.m.

They also speculated he's a student because he has never attacked in May, June, July or December, months when students would be out of town.

Capt. John Cutter, who heads the sex crimes squad, said the rapist has eluded police because he knows the area and blends in. "He's the guy sitting on the stoop eating ice cream. You're not gonna look twice at him," he said.

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