Ramseys update own probe

By Marilyn Robinson
Denver Post Staff Writer

July 24 - Frustrated at the pace of the police investigation, JonBenet Ramsey's father stepped up his efforts Wednesday to find her killer.

John Ramsey announced plans for a series of newspaper ads and released a profile developed by the family's team of experts. The profile outlines possible characteristics of an intruder whom Ramsey says killed his 6-year-old daughter on Christmas night.

"On December 25, my daughter, JonBenet, was brutally murdered by an intruder who came into our home while we slept," Ramsey said in a one-page statement.

"The person who did this crime is an evil person beyond the imagination. He must be brought to justice and prevented from stopping the life of another young child who offers so much to the future of the world." Ramsey attorney Hal Haddon said the newspaper ads will contain more details and profile information than what was released Wednesday.

"We are hopeful that somebody will either notice something they haven't noticed before or will have an attack of conscience," Haddon said.

Any leads generated by the ads will be turned over to police because Ramsey investigators don't have arrest powers, Haddon added.

Haddon wasn't sure how much the Ramseys have spent in their efforts to find their daughter's killer. But, he said, "it is by mammoth proportions more than any citizen should have to spend to solve the murder of their daughter."

The profile, which was drawn up by criminologists and other experts, suggests that the killer is someone who may have previously been in the Ramsey home and may have quickly constructed an alibi for his whereabouts.

The murder could have been triggered by a crisis in the killer's life and the killer could have been venting anger, perhaps at Ramsey himself, according to the profile.

Ramsey said the investigation by Boulder authorities has focused too much on the family.

"Over the past seven months, I have grown increasingly frustrated as the investigating authorities have limited their investigation into the murder of my daughter. . .to me and members of my family," Ramsey said.

In his statement, Ramsey said he believed authorities would eventually look beyond the family.

"I am not confident this has happened," he said.

Spokeswoman Rachelle Zimmer later clarified Ramsey's statement by saying his frustration is not with the district attorney's office but more with Boulder police.

District Attorney Alex Hunter has said JonBenet's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, are a focus of the investigation. He has emphasized, however, that investigators also are looking outside the family.

Both police and DA officials declined to comment on Wednesday's development.

Detective Cmdr. John Eller, however, said police have worked closely with experts from the FBI's child abduction and serial killer unit in Quantico, Va.

"We've made a number of trips there, and they've been out here. We are in constant contact with FBI experts and have been since the beginning. We have found their assistance to be invaluable," Eller said.

He declined to disclose what profile they have developed.

The Ramseys have assembled a team of private investigators, former FBI profilers, handwriting experts and attorneys since their daughter was found murdered in the basement of their Boulder home on Dec. 26. She had been beaten and strangled.

Ramsey said the family's investigators are looking into "solid leads" based on tips received as a result of previous ads and on other field work.

On Sunday, Ramsey said, the family will begin running ads in the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper and distributing fliers detailing the profile.

The fliers will be distributed in "appropriate" neighborhoods, according to the statement.

"While we are limited in our work because we do not have access to the forensic information and do not have police powers to search and test, we do have the advantage of knowing that no one in our family is responsible for JonBenet's death and we can evaluate information without prejudice," Ramsey's statement said.

The family has offered a $100,000 reward in the case. Anyone with information can respond by calling the Ramsey hotline at 303-443-3535.

The family's profile of the killer says:

JonBenet's killer may have been suffering from stress in the weeks and months preceding the crime.

A triggering event, such as a job crisis or crisis in a personal relationship may have caused the suspect to vent anger, perhaps at a female close to him, or perhaps at John Ramsey.

The killer is someone who may have previously been in the Ramsey home.

Since the murder, the killer may have intently read news reports and listened to talk radio shows dealing with the murder.

He (the profile consistently describes the suspect as a male) may have increased consumption of alcohol or drugs.

He may have turned to religion.

He may be rigid, nervous and preoccupied.

He may have tried to appear very cooperative with the authorities if he was contacted during the course of the police investigation.

He may have quickly constructed an alibi for his whereabouts the night JonBenet was killed and may have repeated it several times to key individuals around him.