Man pleads guilty to attacking woman

July 27, 1999

John Gillie; The News Tribune


A Pierce County man has pleaded guilty to two assault charges in attacks on the mother of a Lakewood 9-year-old raped and murdered three years ago.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Tom Felnagle sentenced David Aaron Bauschman to a year in jail for two attacks on his ex-girlfriend, Rhonda Plank, the mother of Cynthia Allinger.

Allinger's body was found July 17, 1996, near an abandoned Lakewood house. She had been missing two weeks. Guy M. Rasmussen was convicted earlier this year of murder, kidnapping and rape in the case and sent to prison for life.

Bauschman pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree and third-degree assault last week as his trial was about to begin. He originally was charged with six assault counts, but they were reduced to two last week on his agreement to plead guilty.

According to court documents, Plank contended Bauschman attacked her several times since her daughter died. In one instance, she said, he choked her until she nearly blacked out.

The two had argued over Bauschman's desire that Plank sue investigators in her daughter's death. Plank didn't want to bring suit.

While Rasmussen was being tried, Bauschman told investigators that Plank was involved in her daughter's murder. But a sheriff's polygraph test suggested he was lying. He later recanted the accusations, saying he had used them to gain leverage against Plank in the assault case.

Plank moved out of state after the last assault Jan. 19.

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