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WED 24 NOV 1999, Page 001

Butcher cut up his baby, court told
By Allison White

A BUTCHER killed and dismembered a newborn baby he had fathered with his lover to hide the affair from his family, a court was told yesterday.

The man allegedly killed his infant daughter to keep his affair secret from his wife and his nephew, who was due to marry the baby's mother.

The man then hid his daughter's severed body parts on a Logan Village property in September last year, the court heard.

Magistrate Trevor Anders yesterday committed Raymond Akhtar Ali, 46, to stand trial for the murder of baby Chahleen Amy Blackwell and attempting to conceal her birth. Ali's lover, Amanda Leanne Blackwell, 20, was committed in March to stand trial for murder.

Crown prosecutor Paul Rutledge told Southern Districts Magistrates Court the nature of the baby girl's injuries were not consistent with childbirth and Ali had killed her with ``dramatic and violent force''.
The baby's reproductive organs were then removed and her torso severed.

Medical evidence tendered indicated the surgical precision with which the baby was dismembered took skill that Ali possessed as a butcher, Mr Rutledge said.

``This life was extinguished not by gently placing a pillow or hand over the mouth and nose of the defenceless infant, but by the infliction of dramatic and violent force be it kicking, jumping on the baby while it was on the ground or smashing of the skull up against a solid object,'' he said.

``This was a killing done without pity or indeed the slightest vein that the murderer was repulsed by what they were doing.''

The court was told Ali removed the reproductive organs of goats so he could sell them as male animals, in line with religious beliefs.

Mr Rutledge said Ali had already lied to police when he denied having a sexual relationship with Blackwell.
Listening devices placed in his home after the infant's murder recorded him and Blackwell having sexual intercourse, the court was told. Ali later admitted paternity of the deceased child.

Defence solicitor Michael Bosscher said there was no evidence to prove his client was guilty of murder.
He said there were no witnesses to the crime and the prosecution case was purely circumstantial.

Mr Bosscher conceded Ali might be linked with the baby's corpse.

Ali was committed in custody to the Brisbane Supreme Court next year.