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Profiler enters the case

By Dave Curtin
Denver Post Staff Writer

Jan. 7 - Boulder Police are bringing in a psychological profiler from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help them find the killer of 23-year-old University of Colorado student Susannah Chase.

The case has baffled police and alarmed residents in the Whittier neighborhood where Chase was bludgeoned 50 feet from her front door on Dec. 21.

A profiler can paint a portrait of the killer by examining Chase's background, the nature of her injuries, the wound patterns, and even the position in which she was found dying in an alley a block from her house, said 16-year FBI veteran Robert Ressler, now an author and consultant on criminal profiling.

Chase was attacked sometime after 1:40 a.m. after arguing vehemently with two men at a pizza parlor and walking home alone for six blocks to her house at 18th and Spruce streets. Police have interviewed the two men extensively and have talked to hundreds of other people. They found a bloodied metal baseball bat at the scene. They have no suspects.

"The profiler should have the ability to look at a crime and get a different take on it than a conventional investigator," said Ressler. "By putting all this together he comes up with a behavioral portrait." With enough evidence the profiler can approximate age, sex, race, physical characteristics and even if the killer was an acquaintance or stranger to Chase, Ressler said.


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