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1994 - 2001

Queequeg, AKA Quegalita, Lita, Monkey. This is my last photo of Queg, who was unexpectedly and tragically killed by another cat in April of 2001. I miss her more than I can adequately express. Queg was adopted from a shelter in Connecticut and was the cutest little shrimpy furball who didn't make a peep all the way home. Queg rarely liked to be picked up or to snuggle, except once a month or so when
her needs broke loose and she had to purr with abandon and be stroked for about 15 minutes. Then she'd go back to being distant again. Except when it was dinner time, when she would charm and cajole until dinner was served. She loved little stuffy toys, which she would carry around one at a time, and sleep with like a doll. We discovered this when we brought home some little stuffed monkeys we had won at a roadside carnival. Queg immediately adopted them - thus one of her nicknames. She would prowl the house at night periodically calling out in a lonely haunting voice, presumably to see if we were all still there. An answering call or two from me would usually comfort her. Sometimes I call out the lonely cry of Queg and listen to the unanswering echoes.

1994 -
(8 yrs)

Connecticut, AKA Connector, Connection, Nectarine. My longest lasting friend. Connecticut has had a hard last year. In Spring of 2001 she suddenly lost both her sister, Queg, and a long time human friend, and since has had to suffer the indignity of three

This is not a doctored photo - she really made that face!

successive new little sisters within a year! Connecticut is super lovey and affectionate with me, and very standoffish with others. She'd prefer to have me all to herself, and gets a little cranky with her livelier siblings, but she is a good kitty nonetheless. Her favorite activities are kissing on the lips, jumping up on surfaces to be scratched and patted very hard, toking out on catnip toys, and flumping (falling over gracelessly, usually accompanied by a purry meow). Connecticut was adopted at about 8 weeks and spent her first few weeks with us as car kitty as we moved from Oregon to Connecticut.

2001 -
(14 Months)

Tundra, AKA Whippy Tail. Tundra has a very sweet nature - except when she is feeling wicked. She's like the little girl with the curl. She was crazy and fearless as a kitten, but became a bit nervous and timid as she grew up. She is a lilac lynx point Siamese Mix. Tundra was adopted at 8 weeks from the Santa Cruz SPCA. I'd like to post more adult photos of her - however, she is hard to photograph without getting redeye


2001 -
(@13 Months)

Pip, AKA Pipper, Pipsqueak. Pip was adopted from the Santa Cruz SPCA at about 5 months. She was found in a parking lot and I don't really know how long she was stray or her exact age. She is very outgoing and enjoys both people and other cats. She is a natural leader - she quickly became dominant over Tundra and now gently leads the kitten pack. Plus she gets along best with Connecticut (who is top cat). Pip is independent but is also very affectionate. Pip is a big and solid cat - she outweighs Tundra and Nevermore by quite a bit. She loves to steal freshly laundered rolled up socks, especially if they are the ones that I intend to wear that day.


Never is not so happy to be wearing her collar - which the vet gave her after she pulled out some of her stitches.


2001 -
(@12 Months)

Nevermore, AKA Never, Raven. Never showed up on my porch a few months back - very dirty, hungry, insistent ... and pregnant. After trying unsuccessfully to locate her family, she became part of mine. She is small and all black - even her whiskers - which makes it hard to get a clear photo of her face. These photos show her with a shaved belly and tail after her spay operation - her hair is still growing back in. She is cautiously affectionate and very vocal (i.e. she complains a lot) but I think she is more than satisfied with her new living arrangements.