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I created this website several years ago and regretfully have not updated it much, as I've spent most of my spare time in the last few years growing and managing my company, Knowledge Solutions, and its online forensic science resources. However, I figured it was about time that I either update these pages, or take them down completely. The discussion forum used to generate a lot of traffic - both insightful and ludicrous comments - back when it was hosted on the old software. Since moving to WebX, not many people have found it - mainly because I didn't make the new link very accessible. Anyway, in spite of my low profile the last few years in the John Irving reading community, I continue to really enjoy his books. I ordered Widow for One Year right away when it came out, and enjoyed it much more than I did Son of the Circus, although it still did not have quite the feel of Cider House Rules or A Prayer for Owen Meany, in my opinion. I like to pick through used bookstores and I keep my eye out for first editions. It is amazing how much some first edition Owen Meany's are worth these days, especially signed. I guess I should have gone to one of those books signings.

So, I guess what I'm wondering these days is when is Cider House Rules coming out ?! I'm really looking forward to this movie. I keep seeing "coming soon," and "this fall." Random House mentions the movie as coming out November 7, but that date is past ... And, I see that Irving has a new non-fiction book out, My Movie Business: A Memoir, which I'll be checking out. I'd like to read it before the movie comes out.


This is not an official or unofficial John Irving site. It is not a shrine to the author, or a fan club. It is not my attempt to catch Mr. Irving's attention.

I have no interest in knowing the particulars of John's life, even though I know that he draws on a lot of his life experience in his novels (don't we all). I find wrestling, as well as most sports, tediously boring. In fact, I find wrestling and writing a completely incongruous and quite frankly, weird pairing.

If you are interested in the novels of John Irving, or the quirky people who love his novels, you might find something of interest here. Since I happen to have read all of his novels and have found them exceedingly well crafted, with the possible exception of Son of the Circus, I will be discussing them here, mentioning pertinent web site links, perhaps holding a discussion forum now and then, etc.

Enjoy the site. Get what you can from it. Share with me. Share with others. Keep passing open windows.



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