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Crimes of the Middle Classes:
White-Collar Offenders in the Federal Courts
(Yale Studies on White-collar Crime)
by David Weisburd
Hardcover, 211 pages
Published by Yale Univ Press
Publication date: June 1,1991

  Forensic Accounting : How to Investigate Financial Fraud
(The Irwin Professional Publishing Accounting Library)
by William T. Thornhill
Hardcover, 221 pages
Published by Irwin Professional Pub
Publication date: October 1,1994
  • Synopsis: Escalating levels of "white-collar" crime in all branches of business, government, and society call for a new breed of investigator--one who is well-versed in auditing, appraisal, and internal evaluation. Forensic Accounting is the first detailed guide to pursuing a career in this burgeoning field.

  Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting : New Tools and Techniques
by Jack Bologna, Robert J. Lindquist, G. Jack Bologna
2nd Edition Hardcover
Published by John Wiley & Sons
Publication date: July 1995

  Handbook on Corporate Fraud : Prevention, Detection, and Investigation
by Jack Bologna
Hardcover, 308 pages
Published by Butterworth-Heinemann
Publication date: November 1,1992

  Investigating White-collar Crime:
Embezzlement and Financial Fraud
by Howard E. Williams
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: March 1997

fsb_takedown.gif (5161 bytes) Takedown : The Pursuit and Capture of Kevin Mitnick, America's Most Wanted Computer Outlaw-By the Man Who Did It
by John Markoff, Tsutomu Shimomura
Volume 1; 1 Edition Hardcover
Published by Hyperion
Publication date: February 1,1996 Books: The true story of how Kevin Mitnick was snagged by computer security expert Tsutomu Shimomura. As gripping as a great mystery novel -- but true -- and as important as any book on computer security -- but eminently readable by anyone.

Synopsis: A world-renowned computer security expert gives his personal account of the thrilling and ingenious capture of the Internet's most notorious cyberthief--Kevin Mitnick--in a gripping drama which illuminates the good, the bad, and the ugly of the computer world. Photos.

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